Top 5 Media People on Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to communicate with one another through short, concise, messages of no more than 140 characters. Part of the attraction of Twitter is its immediacy, which makes it ideal for sharing articles and breaking news.  Given the news focus, it is no surprise a journalists have taken to the tool,...

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Obama’s Trickle and Deluge

I'm kind of disgruntled right now with the Obama VP e-mail and text message campaign.  It now seems like a bait and switch scheme to me....

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Why I Won’t be Leaving Twitter for FriendFeed

Due to scalability problems, the micro-blogging platform Twitter has struggled mightily to stay up and running the last few months.  As a result of the problems, a lot of folks are threatening to abandon Twitter for the social aggregator service FriendFeed.

I personally won’t be abandoning Twitter for Friendfeed. ...

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Is Twittering Sustainable?

Last week, Hugh MacLead of Gaping Void (his cartoon above) announced that he was leaving the micro-blogging platform Twitter because he found it was distracting him from what he really wanted to be doing: writing books and drawing cartoons.

Rex Hammock responded with a sensible post calling for moderation:

I like Twitter and have written on this blog about how I believe it can serve many positive purposes....

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Text Message Shopping

I must admit that texting is not my favorite activity.  It's something that I rarely do.  In fact, when friends send me text messages that require a response, I typically call them back hoping that the they get the tacit hint.  However, Amazon may change my druthers.

The Associated Press reports today about Amazon's text message shopping feature,...

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