Just Say No to Splash Pages on

As most of you know, splash pages are those annoying introductory pages that ask you for your email address before letting you access the actual website you are trying to visit.  Having worked in digital for ten years, I can make two definitive statements about splash pages:

  1. They work. 
  2. ...
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Adventures in User Interface Design

We’re big believers in the importance of usability at The Bivings Group.  Online, usability is branding.  If your site is hard to use, visitors will lose patience and take their eyeballs elsewhere.  It is just common sense really. 

Inevitably, usability is about the details.  It isn’t one big thing,...

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Three Things I Love About Jerry Seinfeld’s New Website

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently launched a new website that brings together highlights of his 35-year stand-up career.  I love the site, and I’m not really even a fan of his stand-up.  Here is a breakdown of what I love about it.

1. The Approach

The site posts three videos a day,...

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The Obama Site Wasn’t Always the Obama Site

Barack Obama’s 2008 web program is widely regarded as the most successful online campaign that has ever been run.  And the campaign site design is probably the most ripped off in history as well. 

People forget that the Obama campaign didn’t nail their site design right out of the gate. ...

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Another Awesome 404 Error Page

A 404 error page is that annoying page you get when you try to access a web page that has moved or been deleted.  A couple of months back I wrote a dorky blog post about how web developers should use  404 pages as branding opportunities instead of just throwing the page away and spitting out an error. ...

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