Infographic Overload

I love a good infographic as much as the next guy.  I really do.  An infographic done right can make a point much more effectively than straight text.  See this example.  Or this one or this one.

But the last few months things have gotten out of hand. ...

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What’s this HTML 5 Thing?

As a web development firm, we’re closely following the progress of HTML 5, which is the latest HTML standard that promises to dramatically change the web.  At this point, only a small percentage of Internet users are capable of viewing sites in HTML 5, as most browsers don’t support the standard yet. ...

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2010 Candidates Focus on Branding

When you get down to it, campaign websites typically have two main audiences: (1) people looking to learn about a candidate and (2) supporters looking for ways to help the campaign out.  Most campaign website designs focus on the supporter audience, taking on a look that is somewhere between a news site and an action center. ...

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Top 11 Best Designed University Websites

Last week, I wrote a post about Georgetown University’s process for redesigning its website.  As I drafted the piece, I developed a working thesis that university websites are sort of like government sites, in that they have to do so much and serve so many audiences that the designs end up being utilitarian and bland. ...

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Did the RNC Launch a URL Shortener?


Yesterday on Twitter I started seeing links pop up to what looked to be a URL shortening service run by the Republican National Committee –  The site has “gop” in the URL and has branding consistent with the main RNC site –  So it seemed reasonable to assume it was put out by the RNC. ...

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