Check Out Ze Frank’s The Show

The best video blog I’ve seen is The Show, which is produced every weekday by Ze Frank, a designer/performance artist who gained Internet fame a few years back with the Flash piece, How to Dance Properly. The Show is a weird blend of news commentary, personal observations and bathroom humor....

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Blogs from Lebanon

The recent tragedy of war in Lebanon has spurred Americans, as well as people from Israel and Lebanon, to turn to the Internet for support.  Groups of bloggers are publishing their struggles online.  These posts serve many purposes: providing a point of contact with family and friends, keeping others informed about what exactly is going on in daily life in the Middle East,...

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Does MoveDigital Have Political Applications?

Techcrunch has a report today on MoveDigital, a site that gives organization a quick and easy way to distribute their videos in a variety of digital formats. I gave it a go and the site is very simple to use. The first step is to create an account and upload your video to the MoveDigital site....

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The Politics of YouTube

Today on I caught an article about YouTube’s emergence on the political scene entitled, “In YouTube Clips, a Political Edge” by Howard Kurtz. While it is no secret that YouTube has evolved into a hotbed for political commentary by the masses, it appears that “official” content is being repurposed as well....

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Trend to Watch: User Generated Campaign Spots

A recent New York Times article on the DailyKos convention in Las Vegas mentions in passing a trend that I think is going to be huge in the 2006 and 2008 campaign cycles: user generated campaign videos. The article tells the story of Ava Lowery, a 15 year old from rural Alabama whose video condemnation of the Bush administration was shown at the Daily Kos convention and has been viewed 40,000 times so far on YouTube....

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