Most “Web 2.0” Politicians

In response to my post on politicians that podcast, a member of Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) staff left a comment pointing me to a blog entry on their site about new media tactics used by Republican House members. It sort of got me thinking: which politicians are most embracing Web 2.0?...

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World Cup Fever or Cell Phone Phenomenon?

Planning on watching the World Cup games the next few weeks? If you are, you better plan on taking some serious vacation time from your day job or moving to a different time zone. For those of you who think those options might be a bit extreme, then just charge up your cell phone....

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Using YouTube for Issue Advocacy

In a post a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that organizations post their videos to viral sites like YouTube as a way of reaching a larger audience. Well, the advocacy group Public Knowledge has done just that, posting a video on the net neutrality issue currently before Congress.

It seems to have worked,...

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Moblogs: Unleashing the Power of the Camera Phone

Like a lot of people, I have a camera phone. And like a lot of people, I don’t use it. When I first got it, I went through the motions of playing with the camera. I took a bunch of pictures and emailed the better/funnier ones to friends. Cool. Now what?...

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Viral Videos: More Mainstream Media Buzz

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how viral videos aren’t really a new trend.  In Time Magazine’s current issue, they have a long story exploring the history of viral videos and explaining their recent explosion.  More interestingly, they rank their ten favorite viral videos of all time. ...

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