Tis’ The Season to be Shopping

Online purchases have continuously increased every year during the Holiday Season. I have heard people say that it is due to a number of factors – an increased number of people online, more user-friendly purchasing experiences, dependable and affordable delivery and fulfillment, better transaction security, etc. Those are all fine explanations,...

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Guerrilla Marketing

One of the mysteries of my childhood television experiences was the infrequent and puzzling appearance of Brand X items in what seemed to be such meticulously realistic programs. I remember watching celebrities quench their thirst with can after can of “SODA POP” or rip into a bag of “CHIPS”. Breakfast scenes were also oddly devoid of brand cereals and milk came entirely in white cardboard half gallons....

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Ten Rich Media Ad Formats That Are Powering Online Advertising

The interactive advertising industry is being driven by a number of rich media formats and technologies that promise to break through the clutter and garner the audience’s attention. These ad formats and technologies enable advertisers to enhance the user’s experience (and thus their brand) through interactivity, streaming video, animation, and sound....

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Trying Too Hard?

Have you ever had the feeling that you are just trying too hard? Looking around, have you noticed other companies and organizations successfully utilizing the Internet to build brands, attract customers, and/or promote their ideas without investing the significant amount of capital that your company has (without achieving nearly as good results)?...

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Should You Flash Your Audience?

In early 2001, Macromedia Flash was widely touted as the next big thing in e-mail marketing. In theory, e-mail marketing pieces embedded with Flash can combine the power of direct marketing, interactivity, and even a television commercial-like ability to convey a more complicated storyline. Add to this the ability to easily pass it along to friends,...

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