Video Game Advertising

Video games have emerged as a very powerful medium at the same time that many other forms of traditional media are losing ground. Video games garner a tremendous amount of time and concentration from individual gamers and the audience of gamers continues to broaden into new demographics that cross gender,...

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Media Bias and Advertising

Although it is clearly naïve to believe that any source of information can be truly unbiased, it is necessary for certain people and organizations to attempt to maintain as much objectivity as possible. Given that nothing exists in a cultural vacuum, the media has also been subjective, throughout history and across cultures....

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New Media and Politics

Continuing the discussion commenced in last month’s article, which examined the role of the Internet in this year’s presidential election, it will be useful to take a look at some of the research and projections out there regarding the Internet’s influence on the race to the White House. This month’s discussion will consider the results of a survey conducted several months ago by the Pew Research Center....

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The Internet and the Presidential Election

The Internet provides the government, media, and various other groups with a convenient medium by which to communicate and ultimately influence people. The expediency of the Internet facilitates the prompt composition and delivery of an email instead of performing the more arduous and expensive task of letter writing. The Internet has even demonstrated its usefulness in financial transactions –...

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Globalization, the Internet and Public Opinion

Generally referred to as the network of networks, the Internet is a web of information and a medium of communication that has captivated reporters and scholars whose working communities it expands. The Internet along with other technologies has opened channels of communication, choice, and indubitably enabled the public’s greater participation in this expanding era of globalization....

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