I haven’t gotten around to reading Crashing the Gate yet, which is the new book by prominent liberal bloggers Marko Moulitsas (Daily Kos) and Jerome Armstrong (MyDD). But I did check out an extended review in the New York Review of Books. It looks like a good read. However, this quote from the review really jumped out at me:

“Kos says he gets fifty times the number of visits received by the entire right wing ‘blogosphere,’ where his biggest competitor is probably a site called Instapundit.com.”

Now there is no denying the juggernaut that is the DailyKos – it is the most popular political blog on the Internet by a wide margin. But “fifty times the number of visits received by the entire right wing blogosphere?” That seems impossible. Below is a Alexa chart comparing DailyKos to Instapundit in terms of daily reach, which is the metric I would associate with “visits”:

Looks to me like DailyKos gets twice as many visits as one conservative blog, Instapundit. Impressive, but something less than fifty times the visits of the entire right wing blogosphere. I know Alexa data is far from perfect, but am I missing something here?

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