MSNBC has a story today about the efforts of liberal and conservative bloggers to articially raise the search ranks of negative articles about candidates they oppose. 

The idea is that if I search for "George Allen" on Google, the liberal bloggers want the macaca video to show up high in the results.  And if I search for Harold Ford, the conservative bloggers want me to see the video of Ford crashing a Bob Corker press conference

I think the whole thing is kind of silly.  This snippet from the article sums up my feelings pretty well.

"Kari Chisholm, a Democratic new media strategist for one of Burns' opponents who lost in the Democratic primary, doubts that the Google-bombing campaign will be very useful. "It's not about chasing the 1 percent of voters that haven't figured out there's a difference between [Democrat] Jon Tester and Burns," Chisholm said."

It's about getting the folks that are predisposed to support your candidate of choice to get off their butts, get to the polls and vote.

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Todd Zeigler
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