For the first time (I think), a piece from our blog was highlighted on the news aggregator site, Techmeme. A lot of people criticize Techmeme as being elitist and thus boring, since it only tracks a small number of high profile blogs and online media outlets. Jeremy Zawodny sums up the criticism pretty well in this post:

“TechMeme is a useful service for many people. I used to be one of them. But I lost interest a while ago when it became far less useful for discovering stuff on that long tail of blogging. Anymore, a small subset of blogs (and increasingly non-blogs) hog much of the attention. That happens to be exactly what I’m not looking for most of the time.”

Personally, I find it reassuring that our blog is included since we are most decidedly NOT a part of any elite blogging club. It is also reassuring that the post that was highlighted from our blog was a substantive look at the magazine websites and not one of our more frivolous posts. If I had to pick a single post from the last month or two to highlight, it would have been that one.

Of course, it is a lot harder to criticism something when you are included in it….

Screenshot from Techmeme.

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