MyBlogLog is a tool that allows for social networking around blogs.  Basically, bloggers and blog readers sign up for a MyBlogLog account and upload a picture, claim their blog and create a profile. 

If you run a blog, you can insert the MyBlogLog widget (see right) on your site and you can see a list of your recent visitors.  MyBlogLog allows users to form relationship with other readers and also to join a blog's community.

It is sort of hard to explain but I think the basic concept is pretty compelling. 

We just added this to our site.  You can join our embryonic community here and you can connect with me personally here

On the positive side, I think the idea of social networking around the blogs you visit is compelling.  I read a good number of blogs, so being able to connect with people who read the blogs I love makes a lot of sense to me.

On the negative side, the widget has been criticized for slowing down sites.  Also, the concept is slightly creepy.  I personally enjoy being able to browse anonymously sometimes and don't always want my face popping up on the blog I'm visiting.  There are ways for users to control when their pictures shows up, but the whole thing gives me a bit of pause.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

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