Update: The issue with the Digg buttons I describe below has been fixed on the Romney blog (it was fixed within two hours of my post). I could be wrong, but I suspect that means the campaign is watching blogs pretty closely, unlike the McCain folks who took weeks to fix a similar problem.  Original post is below.

I was completely offline for three days and have been catching up on all my feeds and stuff today. One of the posts that caught my attention was David All’s breakdown of some new media efforts being undertaken by the Mitt Romney campaign.

So I went to check out Five Brothers, which is the name of a new Romney campaign blog written by his wife and five sons. I like the blog but I think they’ve made a mistake in the way they installed the hip Digg This buttons on the site.

If you visit the blog, you’ll see the little Digg icons next to every article. Strangely, every story has the exact same number of Diggs – 15. After a little investigation, it appears to me that a mistake was made in implementing the Digg javascript. It appears that every single Digg button on the Romney blog submits the blog as a whole instead of the specific blog posts(which is the norm). The mistake even appears on the permalink pages.

This essentially renders the digg function useless, as the main blog was submitted three days ago so is no longer in the Digg queue (meaning it isn’t going to make the homepage).

Team Romney has been up to some interesting stuff the last few weeks. But they might want to fix those Digg buttons.

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