(1) Drinks with Dell

Jeff Jarvis, who has a bit of a history with Dell, went and had drinks with the Dell team in Austin. In this great post, he recaps the steps Dell has taken to rebuild itself after the Jarvis-lead Dell Hell mess two years back.

(2) MySpace Will Hold Presidential Primary

TechCrunch has the scoop on the MySpace Presidential primary that will be held in January of 2008. I’ve signed up for like 5 accounts over the years for various projects so I assume I get to vote 5 times. Awesome. I predict a victory by Ron Paul.

(3) Site Review: Tommy2008 And Thoughts To Guide Your Online Campaign

Mike Turk takes the scapel to another Republican Presidential campaign website. Turk deserves credit for coming up with creative ways of saying “this website is kind of horrible” over and over again. Sample quote: “If Rudy’s site, and Tancredo’s site spent a wild drunk night together, Tommy’s page would be the illegitimate offspring.”

(4) 10 Things You Can Do with Mixed Media RSS

Cool post by Marshall Kirkpatrick of Splashcast, which is at the top of my list of cool web aps I haven’t had time to play with yet. Here’s the elevator sentence on Splashcast: “Today, we’re the only company that provides a way for you publish a channel of mixed media content (video, photos, audio and more) that’s subscribable by RSS and can be displayed in an embeddable player.”

(5) Top 10 Reasons as to why I still need to be convinced about marketing on Second Life

HP executive Eric Kintz provides a nice breakdown of some of the flaws with Second Life as a marketing platform.

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