Via her Twitter account, Katie Harbath recently pointed to a great list of U.S. newspapers with Twitter accounts. The list is being maintained by Erica Smith, who works for the St. Louis Post Dispatch.   She has updates for January, February/March, April, May, June and July. Erica is currently tracking 303 newspaper Twitter accounts, and the average account has 132 followers.

Below is a list of the accounts that have more than 800 followers.  Interestingly, six of the top eight newspaper Twitter accounts belong to the New York Times, which, if memory serves, has been using Twitter for quite awhile.

Newspaper Follows
New York Times (@nytimes) 5,199
USA Today (@popcandy) 2,088
Wall Street Journal (@wsj) 1,230
New York Times (@nytimesscience) 940
New York Times (@nytimesarts) 934
New York Times (@nytimesnational) 905
New York Times (@nytimesbusiness) 896
New York Times (@nytimesmovies) 812

I wonder how many of these accounts are RSS bots vs. real people?  I’d guess 90% are RSS bots posting newspapers headlines automatically to Twitter accounts.

Check out Erica’s full post.

Update: In the comments, Nick Anstead points out that the Guardian Twitter account has 886 followers.  I updated the post to reflect that my numbers are for U.S. papers only.

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