This is shaping up to be one of those weeks where you have more ideas for blog posts than time to write them.  Given that, I’m going to cheat and write up a quick link post covering some of the things I’ve found interesting this week.  Most of these items have already been featured on the Bivings Twitter feed, so follow us there for more frequent updates.  Here goes:

(1) Here is an interesting list of around 40 famous athletes on Twitter.  Of these, I wholeheartedly endorse Shaquille O’Neil’s Twitter account and will also endorse Lance Armstrong.  Your mileage will vary on the other accounts.

(2) While we’re on the topic of Twitter, an impressive number of reporters/editors at the Austin American Statesman are using the tool to engage with readers and provide quick news.  As a Texan and Longhorn fan, I’ve been following Suzanne Halliburton for awhile as a way of getting up to date Longhorn football news. 

(3) Apple releases the beta of Safari 4.  I have given the new browser a try and am quite impressed.  Everything loads much faster than my default browser, Firefox, and it has some slick features borrowed from iTunes.  The only thing keeping me from switching is my reliance on a variety of web development focused plugins that come with Firefox.  Give the new Safari a try

Added: our Senior Director of Programming Services, John Bafford, has an interesting post up on Safari’s use of the Webkit rendering engine. 

(4) Politico released a list Top 10 Twitter users in DC, and the LA Times responded with its own competing list and then Mark Drapea wrote yet another list.  All the lists are sort of equally good/bad, and accomplished the primary goal of such articles – to get people arguing and drive traffic.

(5) Slate put out a good story that highlights some content providers that have had success with charging for content online.  It provides a nice counterpoint to the orthodoxy that all content wants to be free. 

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