Personal Democracy Forum

PdF: Let’s Talk About Text

In the world of news, Markos Moulitsas feels that his website The Daily Kos is ancient, claiming that the website is "Eight years old, or 56 in dog years, which makes it 2,000 in internet years."

Day two of PdF brought us "Rethinking Media," where the founder and publisher highlighted the buildup to war in 2002,...

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“Spaghetti to Soufflé:” Improving Government-Citizen Engagement

Last year’s Personal Democracy Forum conference featured a lot of discussion over the infancy of new media in government and how crowd sourcing would help connect citizens to civic engagement.

Just a year later, new media seems to be learning to crawl. Between the White House’s blog, the Department of Education’s Flickr account,...

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PdF 2010: Photo Highlights

Stay tuned for photos from the PdF 2010 conference here.

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PdF 2010: Notes from the Opening Events

Can the Internet Fix Politics?

That question is the theme of the 2010 Personal Democracy Forum, a two-day conference that merges technology with politics. Another theme that continued to be mentioned during the opening event of PdF was the ongoing disaster in the Gulf Coast, and the inability of the government and private industry to solve the crisis....

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The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online

The most tweeted about speaker at the 2009 Personal Democracy Forum was danah boyd, who gave a presentation entitled “The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online.” Full video of her 22 minute talk is embedded below. Enjoy.


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