Personal Democracy Forum

The Personal Democracy Forum’s “Gotcha” Moment

We are just back from a great trip to the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, NY. We’ll be putting together a few panel recaps over the next couple of days.  In the meantime, I wanted to do a quick post about one of the more talked about exchanges during the event –...

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Semi-live from the Personal Democracy Forum

Several members of The Bivings Group team are present at the 2008 Personal Democracy Forum, which aims to prove that technology is changing the way that we do politics.  Currently, I am sitting in a forum titled "Clickocracy" which hosts four journalistically inclined panelists: Jose Antonio Vargas, Ben Smith, Ana Marie Cox,...

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Some Thoughts on CNN/YouTube Debate

There has been a lot of controversy today regarding last nights Republican CNN/YouTube debate, during which CNN asked Republican Presidential candidates 40 or so questions carefully selected from thousands submitted via YouTube by ordinary citizens. The gist of the controversy is that people are questioning the editorial process CNN used to select the questions and CNN’s vetting of the people asking the questions (it is coming out today that a lot of Democrats got questions in)....

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Seth Godin at the Personal Democracy Forum

For me the highlight of the Personal Democracy Forum was seeing Seth Godin speak in person. You can check out the video of his presentation below. If you haven’t heard Godin before, take the 15 minutes and watch it.

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You can see other videos from the conference here....

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Personal Democracy Forum: Common Political Experiences

It was great meeting many people who share my interests and passions at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City last Friday.  Instead of focusing on summarizing sessions or panel discussions, I'll focus on a chat I had with Utah State Representative Steve Urquhart who participated in a panel discussion about voter generated content since he launched Politicopia —...

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