Quick Thoughts on Google Finance

Two quick thoughts on the new Google Finance secton that is being discussed so much online:

(1) After seeing Google Finance for the first time, our lead developer sent out an email pointing out that the stock graphs are fantastic. He’s right. Being able to drag the graphs,...

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Why Vista doesn’t matter

Once again, Microsoft delays the shipping date for Windows Vista. Is anyone even paying attention? A quick poke through the first few features mentioned on the marketing site is underwhelming. The interface has some nice visual effects, but it isn’t fundamentally different from what we’ve seen over the last decade....

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We’re on a Mission from God

A few days ago I stumbled across this great article via Slashdot about a musician named Sandi Thom, who in lieu of physically touring to support her new album, uses an online service called Streaming Tank instead to host a nightly concert. Initially I had visons of some online cable access show that had all of 3 viewers (think Wayne’s World),...

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Visit Newsvine Now

In Gary’s post about “The Wisdom of Crowds” he referenced Newsvine, a social news site that was in private Beta mode at the time. Well, it went live Thursday and it looks very promising.

The site’s news is fueled by wire feeds such as AP, but also allows users to “seed”...

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The Limitations of Tracking Blog Buzz

I was vaguely interested in how much online buzz was being generated about Microsoft’s Origami Project, so I spent a few minutes on using their blog trends tool. Here’s what the trend line for mentions of the word “origami” looks like over the last month:

The chart tells me what I already knew –...

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