Banners: The Living Dead

Like zombies, they mindlessly wander the Internet. No force on Earth seems to be able to stop them. Banners are the virtual living dead of the online ad industry. It started with industry insiders proclaiming their demise. Then marketing people across the business world began to confirm the rumors. Now even the mainstream media have announced the death of the banner....

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Viral Marketing: How to Infect the World

Viral marketing is the technical term for what is commonly known as word-of-mouth advertising. Although viral marketing is as old as human civilization itself, the Internet has brought its efficacy and reach to a new level, and the technologies that provide the motive force behind this movement continue to evolve....

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Reweaving the Political Web: E-campaigns and Hard Money

Assuming that President George W. Bush signs the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2001 into law, political candidates may urgently need to reassess the way they use the Internet. An informal survey conducted by The Bivings Group uncovered a major gap in Internet participation by candidates as less than 25% of incumbent Senators and Representatives had launched a campaign website for the 2002 mid-term elections....

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Maximizing ROI for Paid Search Engine Placements

Paid search engine placement programs, such as those offered by Overture, are the quickest, easiest, and one of the most cost effective ways to ensure that your website appears on the first page of results on major search engines. While the concept is straightforward enough, the implementation of such a program requires a certain degree of finesse in order to see the greatest response rates and return on investment (ROI)....

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Please, Sir – Can I Have Some More?

Taking Advantage of Discounted Online Ad Rates During an Economic Downturn

The great irony of an economic downturn such as the one that we are now experiencing, is that while they provide the greatest opportunity for businesses to invest in future growth, most companies feel that they are in no position to capitalize on that opportunity....

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