Newspapers and Google News: An Analysis

At the New Communications Forum conference last week, Chris O’Brien from the San Jose Mercury News mentioned during a presentation that 2/3rds of the traffic to the paper’s website comes from news aggregators (like Google News) and search engines.  This figure was higher than I expected, so I mentally filed away the tidbit to write about at some point....

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Facebook Applications Analysis – Part 3

[This post is cross posted at our ImpactWatch site] 

Continuing the study (see the preceding part of the analysis here), I analyzed if there had been recent activity by users regarding the addition of new applications.  Facebook applications can be added or deleted from profiles at any time,...

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Facebook Applications Analysis – Part 2

If you have not read the background to this study, please read this post before going any further.

The first aspect that I wanted to analyze was the sheer amount of applications contained within profiles.  To make the count simpler, I narrowed the selections down to five categories: 0,...

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More on Comcast and Tweets

[This post is cross-posted at the ImpactWatch Blog] 

To follow up on a recent post concerning Comcast’s effort to answer consumer complaints via Twitter, I used Tweet Scan to search specifically for Comcast posts and research exactly with what we are dealing. A basic one-word search found well over 1000 tweets about Comcast within just the last couple of hours,...

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The Fallacy of Using Inbound Links to Track Influence

This is cross posted from our ImpactWatch blog.

In trying to measure blogs, a lot of people put a great deal of stock in inbound links.  It might not be going too far to say that inbound links have become the standard by which the influence of a blog is measured. ...

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