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Open for Questions is No Digg launched a Digg-inspired feature yesterday that allows users to submit questions to the Obama transition teams and vote questions submitted by other visitors up or down.  Open for Questions has enjoyed a good deal of activity so far (410,000 votes on over 5,000 questions) even though it is not at all clear what the transition team intends to do with the data it collects. ...

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Election Day web tools

Election Day is rapidly approaching. Many will have Tuesday off and the luxury of keeping score on TV from home. Others will keep tabs online. Whichever way we choose, we treat the event almost like an all-day football game (a very, very important football game), cheering or jeering as each precinct reports....

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China Needs Good PR, Badly

Let's face it; China needs to bolster its reputation before the Summer Olympics begin.  Otherwise, the several countries that are already considering boycotting may, in fact, do so.  In my opinion, it would be a shame if a past representation of political and economical unity were to be halted.  After all,...

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Road Rage on YouTube?

I'm sure that there are some videos on YouTube of people driving angrily, and there are probably some of people who are angry about their drive.  In fact, I'm betting that more of the later will appear on the site soon.

The cash strapped Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) —...

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Tech Going Green: Apparently Not Just a Fad

Before I write the rest of this slightly snarky blog post, let me preface it by saying that I am 100% pro-environment.  After all, the environment is where I keep the majority of my stuff, such as my house, car, and cat.  I would like to keep the environment as is,...

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