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“Ted”: Not Just the Name of that Dumb Guy in Your History Class

"Ideas worth spreading" is the motto of a growing annual convention that is held in Monterey, California.  The Technology Entertainment Design (TED) conference covers a wide range of topics, from science to the arts, and nearly everything in between.  My fraternity brother, Chris, recently made me aware of this conference,...

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Roger Clemens Denies Steroid Allegations on YouTube

Baseball player Roger Clemens was accused of using steroids in the Mitchell Report, which was released a few weeks ago.  Since the report came out, Clemens has been silent, letting his lawyer do his talking for him.

In a sign of the times, today Clemens spoke about the allegations for the first time in a video posted to his website and to YouTube. ...

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A Wiki at the United Nations

PBwiki and the United Nations have partnered to integrate a wiki into the United Nationals Global Compact which was started in 2000 to serve as a forum of social actors (non-government organizations, companies, trade organizations, governments, etc.) who commit to 10 central principles concerning human rights, labor standards, the environment,...

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Political Activists and Social Networks

My post about the use of Digg by Ron Paul activists attracted a strong response from Ron Paul supporters.  In comments on Digg and to my post, many folks acknowledged that they signed up for Digg specifically to submit and digg stories about Ron Paul. 

This was already pretty obvious. ...

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How to NOT raise money online

Over the years I’ve signed up for every online political mailing list known to man as part of my job, so it was no surprise that I got an email this morning from the Brownback campaign about his candidacy for President. But I was surprised at how poorly executed the email was....

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