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Pentagon: Milblogs a security risk

Xeni Jardin filed a report with Wired magazine to describe the new pressure placed on military bloggers, or "milbloggers" by the Department of Defense. Milblogs are written by active duty military personnel, with some directly reporting from the frontlines. Jardin notes that with the number of reporters in Iraq decreasing, milblogs are possibly the only way to get a firsthand account of ground operations in Iraq....

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Politicians Invade Facebook

Personal Democracy has a great blog entry regarding a recent study on the use of Facebook by candidates for political office.

Here are some key stats Personal Democracy highlighted:

(1) "36 or 25% of candidates for U.S. Senate have posted their own profiles: 17 Democrats, 11 Republicans,...

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Washington Area Women’s Foundation Launches New Website, is Blogging


This morning our client and philanthropic partner, Washington Area Women's Foundation, launched a redesigned version of their website,  The Women's Foundation works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to better the lives of women and girls through community outreach, education, and grants.  The Women's Foundation is a fantastic organization that contributes an immense amount to communities of struggling women in the Washingon,...

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Politicians, Advocacy Groups and Social News Sites

We’ve written often here about social news sites like Digg, Reddit and Netscape that give users control of what appears on the sites’ homepage through voting.  Until a few months ago, these sites were really geared towards techies, so they were largely ignored by politicians and advocacy groups. 

Now that these social news sites have built an audience and expanded their focus beyond technology news, ...

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An Interview with the Blogger In Chief at the National Association of Manufacturers

It is just sort of a fact that very few trade associations blog.  One of the few that does is the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), whose blog is called

Not only does NAM blog, it does so very effectively.  What makes work is that it is written by real live human beings who have opinions. ...

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